Learn More About Dry Creek

In October 1933 the first business meeting was held by the First Congrgational Church of Dry Creek. A constitution was adopted and the following officers were elected:

  • Deacons - J. H. Spears and Gus Cole;
  • Trustees - Lloyd Iles, Nelson Green and Levi Robertson;
  • Clerk - Marshal E. Cole; Treasurer - Mrs. E. J. Miller;
  • Deaconesses - Mrs. J. H. Spears and Mrs. Gus Cole.
  • Brother Seth Baggett was the first pastor.

During the early years, The First Congregational Church of Dry Creek was a member The Louisiana State Association of Congregational-Christian Churches. In November 1945, the First Congregational Church of Dry Creek’s clerk, Mrs. M.D. Heard, wrote to thisorganization and requested that the church be granted a dismissal from the Association. At the Associations meeting, it was moved by Rev. A. O. Wright, seconded by Mrs. Paul Leeds, and voted that letters of dismissal from the Association be granted to the Independent Congregational Churches of Barnes Creek, Dry Creek, Reeves, LeBlanc and Lake Charles Bible Church.      READ MORE